A super simple, one click, easy to use logging application for Holyland contest participants

Holyland Log Application

A super simple, one click, easy to use logging application for Holyland contest participants.

The main screen is simply a set of the required fields in a qso.
Insert the dx station callsign, update the exchange field and hit F1 - That’s it! Alt text

Log Import / Export / Send

Alt text

File->Import ADIF
If for some reason, you did not use HolyLogger during the contest, but still want to benefit from its amazing features - mainly the score calculation and “Send Log” - you may import your log, in ADIF format (.adi)

File->Export ADIF/CSV
Generates a clean and readable ADIF format (.adi) log file you can import into your favorite Log applications.
You may also export to CSV format (.csv).

File->Send Log
You may choose to upload your log file directly from HolyLogger, in this case the data is sent to the contest server and no file is generated.


You may enjoy 2 helpful extension windows - Signboard and Matrix Alt text

Will display your callsign and grid on a clean, seperate window so it is always there for you to take a look.
Alt text

Whenever a new callsign is entered, the Matrix will display a checkmark on the bands and modes you worked.
It will also display a DUP! message if you have already worked this band/mode combination.
Alt text

HolyLogger Tools

Alt text

Tools->Clear Log
Delete the entire log. Use it when you want to start a fresh log. HolyLogger will create a backup ADIF file if you ever want to restore your QSOs.

Tools->Manual Mode
Normally, HolyLogger will insert the current date and time to a new QSO but if for some reason you want to insert a bunch of QSO out of sync, it is usefull to ask the application not to update the date and time fields, and let you do that manually.

Tools->Reset QSO Counter
The QSO Counter helps you keep track of the recenet QSOs. Every new QSO is added to the counter and the total count is presented on the status bar at the bottom of the screen. If you want to reset the counter, click this button

Tools->Full-Log QRZ Service
This option is usefull when you import a log file from an external logger. It will go through every QSO and if the name is missing, it will try to retrieve it from QRZ.COM

Tools->Remove Duplicates
A “Duplicate” is when you have 2 QSOs with the same DX station on the same band and in the same mode. This option will delete one.

QRZ.COM Subscription

Tools->Options->QRZ Service
To take advantage of the qrz.com xml subscription, fill in your QRZ.COM credentials. It will allow HolyLogger to get information and display the name and the dxcc entity of the DX station.
Alt text


Omni-Rig is a COM component for transceiver/receiver CAT control.
If installed, HolyLogger uses omnirig to communicate with the radio - it just sends frequency and mode requests to automatically update the frequency and mode fields in the log.
It is available for download from dxatlas.com
Alt text


A 32bit version of HolyLogger comes in 2 flavours:
HolyLogger_x86.msi - Microsoft Installer file
HolyLogger.zip - a compressed folder (.zip file)

You do NOT need to download both files!

MSI is an installer package file format used by Windows. They are used for installation, storage, and removal of programs. The files are contained in a package, which is used with the program’s client-side installer service.

The ZIP file contains all the program files, compressed in a folder. Once unzipped, the EXE file inside is ready for execution.


Double-Click HolyLogger_x86.msi and the wizard will guide you through the installation process.

If you downloaded the .zip file, just unzip it to your preffered destination e.g. Desktop or C:\ and execute HolyLogger.exe

If you want QRZ.COM lookup to work, don’t forget to update your credentials in the settings screen.

My Holyland Square

Q: How do I figure out what is my holyland square?
A: Try this online tool or download the .APK file (for Android users) from the app website.


Consulting and QA: Dan, 4Z5SL
Design and Code: Gil, 4Z1KD

Many others have also contributed to the quality of the application with good advice, bug hunting and feature requests. I thank you ALL!!


Found a Bug? Don’t panic!
Have a feature request? No problem!
Drop me a line at 4z1kd@iarc.org and i’ll take care of that.


The application is FREE for use by amateur radio operators.


Last Update: 04/11/2018